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Report Poaching to Crime Stoppers

1 800 222-TIPS
Most people are not aware that you can call Crime Stoppers any time to report Poaching activity. The Crime Stoppers program will pay cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of people who abuse our natural resources.

You can always call your local Ministry of Natural Resources Office during Office hours and report such incidents, but now you have a place to pass the information on to outside office hours.

Crime Stoppers is a non profit organization run by citizens to aid law enforcement agencies solve crimes. They are not government run or funded. They operate on public donations and money raised through fund raising.

Most people can not figure out how they can receive money for a tip from Crime Stoppers.

This is how it works

  • You call the Crime Stoppers office. You will not be asked to identify yourself or any other information that could identify you. you do not give your name, phone number or any information about yourself.
  • You give the information YOU have about a crime. You are given an identification number and asked to call back in a certain length of time (i.e. couple of weeks).
  • Your information is passed on to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  • They make an arrest and report back to Crime Stoppers.
  • You call back, give your identification number and are told you are eligible for a reward and asked if you want it. You say yes.
  • You are told the Board of Directors will decide how much the reward will be and you are given a date to call back.
  • The determined reward amount, in cash, is put in an envelope and delivered to a pick up location. number on the envelope and told where to pick it up.
  • You call back and are given instructions of where to pick up the reward.
  • You go and pick it up.
  • The Poacher is punished and no one knows where the information came from.
(Crime Stoppers pays for arrests not convictions - this differs from most reward systems)

The Crime Stoppers program has proven itself around the world on all kinds of crime. It has been very successful in many parts of our province in helping Conservation Officers catch people who have little respect for our natural resources. The new Canada wide phone number 1 (800) 222-TIPS has made it easier than ever to make this good program work better.

It is the Conservation Officers job to protect our natural resources and everyone’s responsibility.

Other Toll Free Numbers
In British Columbia there is a toll free number for reporting fisheries violations to Fisheries & Oceans Canada in  (The Pacific Region of the Department) is 1-800-465-4336.  Response will be from Fishery Officers of the Department of Fisheries & Oceans.
For wildlife violations in British Columbia the toll free number is 1-800--663-WILD (9453). Response will be from Conservation Officers of the province of British Columbia.
Your call will be directed to the nearest Crime Stoppers office.
The Manitoba toll free line is 1-800-782-TIPS
In Quebec the toll free number is 1-800-711-1800
The Turn In Poachers number for Saskatchewan is 1-800-667-7561.  Operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a Conservation Officer.

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