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Wildlife Crime Crest

A group of concerned anglers who frequent the U of T zooboards wanted to find a way that they could express their views on illegal activities, and encourage others to do the same.  Someone suggested that a patch, stating their views and the number for "Crime Stoppers", might make law-breakers think twice and inform honest sportsmen about what they could do and who they could call when they see someone breaking the law.

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If you see someone breaking the law, you have a couple of options.  If you think that they are unintentionally breaking the law, you might want to approach them and let them know what they are doing wrong.  Some people honestly don't know that they are breaking the law and a little education can often solve the problem immediately. If you think that they are deliberately breaking the law, you can report it to "Crime Stoppers".  Crime Stoppers will then report it to the proper authorities.  The MNR doesn't have to catch them in the act. Just make a mental (or written) note of what they are wearing and look like, date and time, what they are doing, and if you have an opportunity, follow them to their car and get the license plate. Then report everything you can to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.  It's important to give as good a description as you can of them and their conduct. Snagging fish, keeping over-limits, poaching and other wildlife violations are crimes.  Do your part and report these crimes.

Martin Fischer

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